Whether under labour laws in India, Union/ Workmen have the right to lead morcha to the residence of officers, stage dharna and hold demonstrations?

As per labour law in India, the workmen have no right to stage demonstration, dharna at the residence of the officers of the company. Fifth Schedule, Part II of Industrial Disputes Act provides for Unfair Labour Practices on the part of Workmen and Trade Unions of Workmen. Item 6 states that staging demonstration at the residence of employers or managerial staff member as a unfair labour practice. In Maharashtra, labour laws like MRTU & PULP Act also have similar provisions. Under MRTU & PULP Act, in Schedule III, item 6 provides for staging of dharna and processions at the residences of executives.

The Hon’ble High Court of Bombay, in Maharashtra General Kamgar Union V/s Chloride India Ltd. And Presiding Officer, First Labour Court (WP No. 2434 of 1996) upheld the punishment meted out to certain workers for holding agitations in the factory premises of the establishment as well as the residences of members of the management of the establishment, stating that, staging violent protests in front of the places of residence of the management, assaulting the supervisory staff, shouting slogans and creating a nuisance in front of the homes of the managerial personnel were serious charges and serious acts of misconduct warranting extreme punishments.