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The Scottish Philosopher Adam Smith had once said; ‘Labour was the first price, the original purchase – money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased.’ Viewed in any context, in any era, the statement conveys only one truth; Labour is wealth and every nation must maintain healthy industrial relations which is key to ensuring economic progress with justice and harmony. However, things are not that simple;

In India, recent incidents of IT employees resorting to protests and Trade Unionism, workers indulging in industrial violence resulting in the killing and maiming of company executives and the increase in strikes and lockouts reflect that much needs to be done to revive the country’s flagging Industrial Relations scenario. However, this is not to say that progress has not been attempted. Welfare legislations have striven to keep pace with inflation, hardships brought about by recession etc. and companies like Infosys and the Kirloskar Group have recently given pay raises to its employees. Then why do executives around the country keep getting kidnapped and why is Trade Unionism creeping into unchartered sectors?

The answers to this could range from anything between lack of communication between the blue collar class and the management, lack of timely action in addressing worker concerns, failure to implement worker friendly policies to faulty mechanisms in dealing with employee misconduct and plain lack of sensitivity on the part of the management. Here is where our website comes in;
The concept of developing this website was first envisaged by Mr. Abhay Nevagi, Advocate during his discussions with top Mediator and Arbitrator, Mr. Nanasaheb Sahane on Industrial Relations issues and he decided to dedicate the website to Nana.

www.asklabourproblem.com is a unique source of information and learning, containing solutions to perceptibly a vast range of industrial relations problems. Our data base of notes and opinions stretch from, how to manage an industrial relations crisis efficiently to the formulae for calculating Gratuity, Retrenchment Compensation, Employee’s Compensation etc. You will find updated newsletters, news flashes, details on labour law compliances, law bare acts, ordinances and much more. This website aims only to educate legal practitioners, students, Industrial Relations professionals, trade unions, employees etc. and has proved to be a handy tool for anyone with a question concerning labour laws or industrial relations.
We hope you find this effort of ours useful and write in to us with your precious feedback.


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    IT is a Brilliant Initiative as this forum enlightens a reader with a glimpse of all fundamentals and the updates, in a composite form.

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