Haryana Government Proposes Self-Certification Scheme For Factories

Haryana government proposes an optional self-certification scheme for the welfare of the workers and employers/entrepreneurs. The draft scheme has been released in the public domain for comments and suggestions on 2nd January 2015.

Highlights of the scheme:

  • The primary aim is to limit excessive visits of government officials for inspection( for those who have opted for the scheme,)
  • Factories or establishments opting for the scheme would be subject to random inspection to check if they are complying with labour laws.
  • Once the unit is inspected, it would get a clearance for five years, unless there a gross violation reported. In the event of any dangerous occurrences, inspection maybe conducted anytime, after the authorization of the Labour Commissioner-Cum-Chief Inspector Of Factories, Haryana.
  • Those who opt out the scheme would be inspected as per existing departmental inspection policy.
  • Factories licensed under the Factories Act, 1948, would be eligible for the scheme.
  • Major accident hazard units shall not be covered
  • After the successful completion/compliance of the five years the employer/entrepreneur would have the option to opt out or continue being covered.

Read more on the scheme here

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