Employees of E-Commerce market place approach Labour Department against unfair labour practices.

The Indian e-commerce ecosystem is brimming with fierce competition and to keep up, an internet marketplace giant is looking to crack down underperformers. Based on their performance of the last six months, 200 employees of its customer care wing have been identified for the “Performance Improvement Plan” or “PIP”. Employees have been given a choice to either resign immediately; or undergo the PIP and if unsuccessful be terminated.

An employee opting for a PIP is given 30 days to improve their performance and skillset. They are to meet a prerequisite set by the company. In this case, the company has set the requirement to reach a customer satisfaction score of 85%, which according to employees also is impossibly high as the company itself has never crossed the 65% benchmark so far. This has left them with little choice and employees are choosing to resign.

Reports suggest that the giant’s  steep rise in business last year led to aggressive hiring of call center and customer support employees which has eventually resulted in over hiring. It has also been reported that it is now looking to outsource its customer care services.

When employees were informed, a negotiation for 3 months severance was initiated by them but the failed as the company rejected the demand.

While they stage protests, employees now have approached the Labour Department in the Delhi Deputy Labour Commission (South) with a plea to intervene and to re-instate them in their jobs.

We shall keep you updated on the developments.

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