Deloitte First to Introduce 26 Week Maternity Leave

While the Labour Ministry is still finalizing the amendment to extension of the maternity leave under the Maternity Act from 12 to 26 weeks, Deloitte declared its maternity leave policy last month.

The 26 week long leave comes as a move to counter an absence of women in top leadership positions. Deloitte is one the first, of the big four (KPMG, PWC and EY) to declare the policy, and the other three shall follow suit to the same. There have been reports of six month maternity leave policy announced by Microsoft Indian.

Reportedly Ernest and Young would also be introducing the “Maternity Coaching Programme” where women at senior or leadership positions would be trained to coach and motivate other women in their teams not to quit their jobs before or after their maternity leaves.

It comes as a welcome move and we at AskLabour appreciate the efforts taken. We also hope other companies shall follow soon.

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