Improvised Safety & Security Measures of Women Employees

In the wake of brutal and inhuman cases like Nirbhaya, Nayana Pujari, to name a few, the first and foremost question that comes to mind is


A lot has been spoken, discussed and deliberated. But the question is “What really can assure a failsafe security?”

The following basic and common sense guidelines could be of much help to the companies regarding the same question.

  • APPOINTING A DEDICATED DIRECTOR: Director shall be held accountable for the safety and security of all female employees in the organization.


  • FOUNDING SAFETY POLICY: Companies should have a comprehensive safety policy which is adhered to with diligence and seriousness by fellow colleagues, employees of outsourcing agencies, cab drivers, security guards, maintenance personnel etc.


  • VERIFICATION OF SECURITY AGENCIES: Numerous security agencies have come up to cater to the vigilance and security needs of a variety of clientele. Hence it becomes an urgent necessity to get the antecedents checked.

Also, as a necessary step towards safety and security, no security agency should be deployed without having obtained a license under Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 and other applicable laws.


  • TRANSPORTATION: Few guidelines that the Company may have to adhere to when arranging for transportation of female employees to and from their residences at night, when retained beyond permissible hours are:
  • Security and other contractual personnel should be hired from licensed agencies
  • Antecedents of all employees to be verified
  • Women should not be the first to be picked up or last to be dropped
  • If the house of a woman employee is located away from a motor able road, the security guard should accompany her to her house and confirm her safe arrival.
  • Exercise control on the vehicle’s movement to check any unwarranted activities of drivers, such as picking up strangers & straying from the designated route.
  • Install GPS sets in the cabs.
  • Random checks should be carried out to see that Security Guards & cab drivers do not turn up for work drunk.
  • Panic button should be installed in cabs, through which message can be relayed to the nearest Police patrol.

Hence, to conclude, safety and security is a result of joint efforts and diligence on the part of all the associated personnel of the company.


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